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Air Pen

AP-1                                 Discontinued                                      $139.95

The air pen will make many of your tasks easier and faster.
Dispense fine lines of glue for delicate braid or cord
Dispense paint, glazes, icings and more
No more drips, bubbles, skips or blobs
Will pick up tiny objects (flatback rhinestones, etc.) for
accurate placement
Fingertip air control prevents hand fatigue
Ideal for those with carpal tunnel syndrome

The AirPenŽ comes complete with all accessories, including 11  
interchangeable applicator tips, sizes XX-Small to X-Large, 6 quick 
change cartridges, cartridge holder, a quiet, dependable air pump, 
6 foot air supply line, cleaning plungers and storage caps/plugs for 
each cartridge, complete operating instructions and warranty.