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 Complete system, lube free handpiece, foot control,
two sample burs, stencil sample, operators manual,
training video, in line filter and pressure gauge.


Same unit as above with all accessories listed
plus water spray system.

6 month factory warranty on both units

S C M 400X

Temporarily Out of  Stock

Top of the line rotary (400,000 rpm) handpiece. Very smooth,
vibration free unit. Requires only one drop of oil every 4 hours
of operation. Extremely comfortable to hold design. Comes
with  training guide, instructional DVD, and two burs.
 Factory warranty.

SCM 400X         $550.00


The Power Carver is a very reliable high speed carving tool. It is supplied with five burs, lubricating oil, training guide, air tubing & control, one stencil film, and instructional video.
Factory warranty is six months

101PC                                                                           $299.50



Quality pneumatic foot control with 10’ of vinyl tubing along
with necessary fittings to connect directly into your air supply.
May be used on any handpiece except the Turbo Carver.

                    PFC-1                                   $125.00


Electric Foot Control

This foot control may be used to start and stop your
Dremel tool. Simply plug into wall outlet, plug your
Dremel into the duplex plug, and you're ready to go.
May also be used to operate small portable 
air compressor.

EFC                                                                $32.95


CO2 Regulator                

A CO2 tank (available from your local
welding supply) may be used to power any
hand piece in lieu of an air compressor. A
standard 40 lb tank will operate a hand
piece approximately 3 1/2 hours.

DLCO2R                                                          $41.50

Proxxon Electric Hand Tool

25000 RPM keyless chuck to accept
shanks from 1/64" to 1/8"
Will accept all air tool or Dremel bits.
Supplied with single speed transformer

MB 150                                       $56.95

Proxxon Electronic Speed Control
Thyristor electronic control allows for optimum high
torque at low speeds. (5000 to 20000 RPM)
May be used to vary speed on unit above.

38706                                         $28.85