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Lighted Bases






(Light emitting Diode)
(Time Delay Self Contained Unit)

-Here is something new and different in the
egg business. This is a self-contained light,
with batteries, switch, and circuit board complete,
ready to go. With this unit, don't worry about
changing batteries for many months.---- To
turn on light, touch the switch - very bright LED
turns on and  operates for 30 seconds, - and then
turns itself off.

LED-3                              $10.95




All LED bases above automatically turn off after 30seconds.

002G                            $8.95
10 clear lights on separate
20" long green wires
operates with 2AA batteries
NOT included

006W                                    $8.95

Steady burn white lights on 6 white wires
002TD                           $8.95
10 multi-color twinkle lights
on 10 separate 20" long
green wire
operates with 2AA batteries
NOT included

F12                              $8.95
Fiber optic light unit
50 fibers, 12" in length. Unit
is complete with housing, bulb
and "AA" battery holder.





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